Songs for Simon - eScore and audio SKU: PEFJPSS-TDA

Music by John Psathas

Digital Facsimilie Performance Set | PDF score optimised for Tablet (4:3 landscape) with accompanying digital audio files for Songs for Simon for Piano and Digital Audio by John Psathas (PEFJPSS).


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Facsimile Edition

This Digital Facsimile Performance Set is a facsimile copy of the composer's original digital manuscript. The material has not been edited or formatted for publication.

Digital Performance Score

The score has been optimised to display on a Tablet in a landscape format and displays as a 4:3 aspect ratio. The score is provided as a PDF file and encoded with the purchaser's name and email address. 

Digital Audio Files

The files are provided in the WAV audio file format for highest quality and maximum compatibility across devices. Please note, that the Rehearsal Mixes are provided for rehearsal use only and should never be broadcast or used in performance.

The Download File contains the following files:

Performance Mix
[01] His Second Time      
[02] Minos 
[03] Demonic Thesis 

Rehearsal Mixes
[04] His Second Time Practice 58 bpm     
[05] His Second Time Practice 66 bpm    
[06] His Second Time Practice 74 bpm     
[07] His Second Time Reference Mix    
[08] Minos Practice (click) 72 bpm  
[09] Minos Practice (click) 84 bpm    
[10] Minos Practice (click) 96 bpm         
[11] Minos Practice (click) 108 bpm    
[12] Minos Practice (click) 120 bpm    
[13] Minos Reference Mix  
[14] Demonic Thesis Practice 53 bpm 
[15] Demonic Thesis Practice 61 bpm 
[16] Demonic Thesis Practice 70 bpm 
[17] Demonic Thesis Practice 79 bpm 
[18] Demonic Thesis Reference Mix  

Total file size: 1.06 GB
The download size: 709 MB